February 21 – April 18 @ Kunst-Stoff Arts (1 Grove Street, San Francisco – directly above the Civic Center BART – NEW LOCATION)

WORDS AND DEEDS is a workshop series crafted to explore how live art is informed by language, and how language is rooted in physicality and movement. WORDS AND DEEDS will consist of 7 Monday night workshops led by different artists whose work elucidates this dynamic intersection.

Monday nights February 21 – April 11, 6:30 – 9pm-  Workshops; March 14– No class;  Sunday, March 6, 5-7 pm- Study group (secret location in East Bay);  Monday night, April 18– Final discussion and potluck dinner.

Register by 2/14 for best prices! Email briskellie@gmail.com  , or  call (808) 281-6581
$110 for the series (seven classes + final discussion fee)
$18 single class
$16 per class with two or more classes pre-registered

WORDS AND DEEDS CLASS DESCRIPTIONS  — Bring your notepads and something to write with!

Photos: D. Buuck and J. Tully; D. Buuck; S. Shelton Mann; M. Galanter – photo by Gary Ivanek.

FEBRUARY 21st – David Buuck and Jessica Tully – The Body Politic

In this workshop we will explore how our political and personal imaginations find expression in the intersection of language and the body – where intent and action meet play and improvisation – by demonstrating and experimenting with some of the methods and interrogations we use in our own work. From stutter to flow, we will move, dance, write, and talk, shaking our bodies to shake things up.

Jessica Tully is an visual artist and organizer whose site-specific choreographies take place within socially charged public spaces. Examples of her video installations and social sculptures can be found at  www.jessicatully.comDavid Buuck is a writer who lives in Oakland; examples of his writing, performance, and site-specific art can be found at davidbuuck.com.

FEBRUARY 28thPetra Kuppers and Neil Marcus

As a body strives to understand these galaxies of meaning,                           all action becomes a twinkle in rhyme.                                                    Access points to the brain.                                                                 Poetry song love deeply intertwined                                                               — Neil Marcus

Come and join us to break silences, as warrior poets, to engage in pedagogies of love, and to explore our skins as entry points of radical access. Alchemical poetics, biomedia writing. http://www-personal.umich.edu/~petra/cripple.html

MARCH 6th – Study Group in East Bay, 5-7 pm

MARCH 7th – Sara Shelton-Mann – words/for spoken word

game plan:  write from story and thought from improvisation/ for landing/personal/global and beyond/dialogue with self/imagery puzzles. Sara has been writing since she was 5 and doesn’t talk about it much. http://www.sarasheltonmann.org/

MARCH 14th – No class!

MARCH 21st – Margit Galanter – Inscriptions

We will dance new language through the animals of utterance, with our bodily drives (motive, organic, connective), and our tongue. Moving words considered as coordination, communication, and tone. Exploration will initiate with the physical, imaginal and Chinese energetics of the heart-tongue-lung-one connection.

Margit is a movement investigator and dance poet living in Oakland. Arts Site: http://margitg.wordpress.com/ ; Practice: www.physicalintelligence.org. Margit co-directs Art Workouts with Abby Crain, and co-put together Words and Deeds.

MARCH 28th – Edris Cooper-Anifowashe


APRIL 4th – Nita Little – Attention as a language form/language as an attentional form

Language and attention are intimately tied partners in the physicality of our living/dancing. When I act in the world, as when I dance, my BodyMind reveals itself as a mercurial spatial presence that speaks attentionally – and by this speaking, it inscribes the world. Neatly bound to my ‘need to know’ the world, my actions expose a language that is neither merely body moving nor mind intending toward the world. Unpacking the dynamic actions of the spatial fabric by which I show up as a presence in the world makes possible linguistical articulations that, when clarified, further the knowledge base upon which I understand how dancers dance one another and people write the poetry of their being. How we speak of these matters changes our physical experience and possibilities.


APRIL 11th – Violet Juno – Mark-Making & Charismatic Props

We will investigate the relationship between words and deeds by exploring mark-making actions and props with stage presence.  Join us to draw with and move with markers on giant pieces of paper as well as play with “charismatic props.”  Juno will introduce her theory of props and also guide an exploration of how an action-theater version of a Greek Chorus can visibly and audibly support solo performance work.  This jam-packed, generative workshop will add new arrows to your quiver for moving, writing, performing and drawing. http://www.violetjuno.com/

APRIL 18th – Discussion and Potluck at Kunst-Stoff!

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Featuring workshops with:   
David BuuckJessica Tully– February 21
Petra Kuppers + Neil Marcus– February 28
Sara Shelton Mann– March 7
Margit Galanter– March 21
Edris Cooper-Anifowoshe– March 28
Nita Little– April 4
Violet Juno– April 11