PPP DUET . Oakland Pop-Up Poetry Space, Oakland (2012)

Abby and Margit’s ongoing duet, from the Foxing series.

photo by Daniel Jeffries

LETTING THE FOX GO .  Subterranean Arthouse, Berkeley (2011) 

Final Installation of Foxing, with live audio mix and assembly by Adam Sonderberg.

photo: Gary Ivanek

LITTLE MIDDLE . as part of MGM NUT Tour . 5th Ave Piers, Oakland (2011)

photo: James Kidd

FOXING . movement and installation . Kunst-Stoff Arts, San Francisco (2011) 

video stills: Avery Hudson ; green photo: Yannis Adoniou

FOXING  . movement and installation  .   Pieter, Los Angeles (2011)

photos by Takahiro Yamamoto

You look through a hole.
There is a crafted body collapsed in the brambles. The fake water is flowing. A lantern.

We are living inside her body.

Built in partial response to Marcel Duchamp’s final and ingeniously schemed work Given, we are reworking the damn chamber with secret operations and yonic power. Our source material: decomposition, reclamation, self-doubting narcissism, and beastly hunger. Our construction: come in and witness while we make it.

Unblown  .  performance study  .  The Garage, San Francisco (2010)