FRIENDS! THE EARLY BIRD DEADLINE FOR THE NEXT ARTWORKOUTS WORKSHOP IS Next FRIDAY, October 26th. You know, saving ten dollars gives you enough to take a friend out for a burrito,  or buy three or  four friends a cup of tea. It could buy you part of a book or an entire amazing yoga class with Sri Louise (  …you get the picture..


We are really thrilled to be teaching at Counterpulse.  We are looking forward to the new insights and questions generated from teaching in this setting. We are thinking about nomadism and other movements as they relate to performance structure as well as negotiating  landscape,  artistic and otherwise. We are dwelling on responsiveness and  readiness, portability and impact.  Margit is concerned about artistic imperialism.  Abby is concerned about artistic provincialism. We think there might be a useful paradigm to address these  concerns.  We have missed talking with you people about art things face to face, rather than glowing box to glowing box. We want to get into the studio with you and work some questions through our bodies.
THIS IS OUR FIRST ART WORKOUT in which we will have a SHOWING at the END. This is a BIG DEAL. It’s not a fancy deal or a real show (the showing will be very informal and may involve snacks),  but it IS a chance to get into the construction phase of ART MAKING with you. We are looking forward to seeing your work in the Counterpulse space. We are thrilled  to move thusly out of the studio and into performance and its dialogues.
The leaves are falling.  The apples are ripening. The fog is rolling and the rain is on its way.  It is a good time for ART.
Please join us.
Abby and Margit



$135 -$175 sliding scale
$125 Alumni Price

We just edited an interview we started last spring before the “Time” Intensive at The Garage SF. Give it a look if you are interested…. We answer mysteries about Time, Language, Youth, the Art World, and the Cosmos. You can find it here:

The first excerpt:

ABBY: Margit, in the time I have known you (19 years!), it seems as if you have experimented with various movements towards or away from the heart of the machinations of the art world. In your perception, how have these choices impacted the tone, aesthetic, scope and development of your work? Would you say that these choices sprang primarily from an aesthetic leaning, or rather from concerns and desires about quality of life, values, etc.?  How do your choices of mentors and teachers, i.e., the art making lineage you have placed yourself within, impact and influence these predilections? How have these choices prepared or not prepared you for the economic landscape of art making today? …….


xo, Margit and Abby

Set, no Set

A Workshop with Art Workouts / Margit Galanter & Abby Crain

FRI & SAT, NOV 9 – 10, from 1-5 PM. Showing DEC 1, at 2 PM (we’ll meet that day 1-5, as well!)

When we enter the performative space, what do we need? What do we compose, and what do we allow? How can we make the space ours but keep it simple? Art Workouts is fairly certain there are no answers to these questions, but we think we’ll learn a lot by asking them. This is an Art Workouts three-day workshop to compose, construct, and discuss what we do. We’ll search and experiment, then we’ll show it at CounterPULSE.


$135 -$175 sliding scale
$125 Alumni Price
For more info: 512-705-8869 or

More Info: 512-705-8869 or

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PPP is a fabulous new collective, starting with monthly performances, and then, … maybe space, igniting what kind of art we are yet to see! congratulations on transformation of Poetry Cement Halls and art magick

photos by Daniel Jeffries, thanks!



A Two-Day Laboratory with Margit Galanter and Abby Crain

Friday + Saturday, July 6 + 7, 1 – 5 pm

In this two-day Art Workouts lab on TIME, performance, and the making process, we will be wrestling with questions of temporality and its ramifications for live art construction.

First she thought, there is only the now and when the now is gone then it is gone so what we make is so fleeting, that live performance is the ultimate act of disappearance….  Yet time is “full of holes or gaps and art as capable of falling or crossing in and out of the spaces between live iterations” (Rebecca Schneider). What is shaped by our unintentional re-enactments? And how might we consider the multiplicity of events that go into construction as a means through which to understand the operations of time? How is time-based art weathered or burnished, and life’s detritus implicated in the texture of the work? Does the performance begin with the idea, with the rehearsals, what is the event?

She says, we make time through enacting.

This workshop is suited for performers and art makers of all disciplines. We work with the body, so much of our work accesses from this entry point, but no training or previous experience in this vein is necessary.  We thrive on dialogue across disciplines!

The *NEW* GARAGE, 715 Bryant Street, SF

$120 – $180 ::  AW Alum: $110 – $170  – you’re worth it!

Some work exchange available.

$105 – $165 early bird special, register by JUNE 20

* Register Online Directly :

Contact: * (512) 705 – 8869

(photo by Larissa Canney, artiste extraordinaire!)

Call to register: .512 705 8869 (number on flyer is incorrect)


SPRING SESSION: Process Process Process Place Place Place  Context Context Context and Viability

6:30 – 9 PM Monday Nights March 19 – April 30 (no class April 9)

Art Workouts would like to offer your art making selves a few questions this spring: What happens when we prioritize procedure and not attach to product? What is the significance of place when we are doing, making, or presenting work? How can/does art operate beyond the parameters of performance space and interface with the world? What can an artistic process that impacts larger societal forces look like? And how can the broader impacts of artistic practice serve to enrich the viability of our lives?

@ Kunst-Stoff Arts, 1 Grove St, SF (near Civic Center Bart) & home locations

We will move for four weeks. Then we will read, talk, & look for two. This is a new format, and we are excited about it…..

$100 for Art Workouts & Words and Deeds alumni $100 early bird by March 9 $120 after March 9 Contact:; 512 705 8869  Limited workstudy available by application

Art Workouts would like to offer your art making selves a few questions this spring:

What happens when we prioritize process and choose not to attach to product? What is the significance of place when we are doing, making, and presenting work? What happens when we operate beyond the parameters of the performance space interface with the world around it? WHat happens to art when the question of economic, ecological, and social viability enters the picture? What can artistic procedure that impacts art look like? And in turn, how can this broader kind of impact serve to enrich the viability of our lives?

In our fall 2011 workshop session, we worked off a constellation of questions that emerged around the potency of sensation as a base for performance. Here are some photos from one of the experiments…and there were many!

Photos of the Salt Experiment for Monday Night Art Workouts 2011 here.

And a video:

Karen Nelson is coming to the Bay Area in January! A luminary in the fields of improvisation and tuning, this workshop is not to be missed.

KAREN NELSON: Warm-Ups for Improvisation and Tuning

JANUARY 18 – 20, 2012

Dancing our luscious, present, sensationally aware impulses is like rolling off a log into the moss of naturalness. We will practice developing the habit to “return to our senses” while dancing, and use that knowledge to “tune” dances in space. Tuning Scores, as introduced by Lisa Nelson, illuminate our individual perceptual experience, and use actions and verbal calls to communicate to others and the environment during the improvisation. Sessions will begin with training in sensational awareness and build towards compositional ensemble work.  All expressions being equally valid and positive, tuning work allows a natural collaboration amongst the players.

Karen’s 35-year dance and performance practice has been directly influenced by Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith and Lisa Nelson and their respective work in Contact Improvisation, Material for the Spine and Tuning Scores, and through collaboration with many others in venues around the world. She co-founded the Breitenbush Jam, Dance Ability, Image Lab, Diverse Dance, among other projects.


WED, January 18, 5:30 – 8:30 PM

THURS, January 19, 4:30 – 8:30 PM

FRIDAY, January 20, 3 – 6 PM

$120 – $150 early bird special, register by January 5

$145 – $170 after that!

To Register, contact Margit: * (510) 761-6097


In thinking about the class I led last Monday at Art Workouts, questions at end:

I thought to myself, how to lead people through something that would offer them a sense of themselves, multi-sensorially? Building off the research questions that Abby and I are in as teachers and as co-conspirators in the experiment for this session, I let many of the ones between us so far enter into my construction of the class, and through our recent performance research in letting-it-go, I simultaneously let the preparation and the questions all go when I taught, and let it come from all the conditions that led up to making our environment be as it was in the room together. It is a mysterious thing to be-in-the-teaching-moment, to really let the people and the work we are doing together open up within myself so that I can somehow be a curator for our collective ideas, like a filter with its own motor, some kind of glow-in-the-dark fish.

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