FRIENDS! THE EARLY BIRD DEADLINE FOR THE NEXT ARTWORKOUTS WORKSHOP IS Next FRIDAY, October 26th. You know, saving ten dollars gives you enough to take a friend out for a burrito,  or buy three or  four friends a cup of tea. It could buy you part of a book or an entire amazing yoga class with Sri Louise (  …you get the picture..


We are really thrilled to be teaching at Counterpulse.  We are looking forward to the new insights and questions generated from teaching in this setting. We are thinking about nomadism and other movements as they relate to performance structure as well as negotiating  landscape,  artistic and otherwise. We are dwelling on responsiveness and  readiness, portability and impact.  Margit is concerned about artistic imperialism.  Abby is concerned about artistic provincialism. We think there might be a useful paradigm to address these  concerns.  We have missed talking with you people about art things face to face, rather than glowing box to glowing box. We want to get into the studio with you and work some questions through our bodies.
THIS IS OUR FIRST ART WORKOUT in which we will have a SHOWING at the END. This is a BIG DEAL. It’s not a fancy deal or a real show (the showing will be very informal and may involve snacks),  but it IS a chance to get into the construction phase of ART MAKING with you. We are looking forward to seeing your work in the Counterpulse space. We are thrilled  to move thusly out of the studio and into performance and its dialogues.
The leaves are falling.  The apples are ripening. The fog is rolling and the rain is on its way.  It is a good time for ART.
Please join us.
Abby and Margit



$135 -$175 sliding scale
$125 Alumni Price