We just edited an interview we started last spring before the “Time” Intensive at The Garage SF. Give it a look if you are interested…. We answer mysteries about Time, Language, Youth, the Art World, and the Cosmos. You can find it here: https://artworkouts.wordpress.com/interviews-conversations/

The first excerpt:

ABBY: Margit, in the time I have known you (19 years!), it seems as if you have experimented with various movements towards or away from the heart of the machinations of the art world. In your perception, how have these choices impacted the tone, aesthetic, scope and development of your work? Would you say that these choices sprang primarily from an aesthetic leaning, or rather from concerns and desires about quality of life, values, etc.?  How do your choices of mentors and teachers, i.e., the art making lineage you have placed yourself within, impact and influence these predilections? How have these choices prepared or not prepared you for the economic landscape of art making today? …….


xo, Margit and Abby