Tickets are now available for Letting the Fox Go on Brown Paper Tickets, and we have limited seating, so if you are interested, we highly suggest you buy tickets soon!

Come for the final installation of Margit Galanter+ Abby Crains’s Foxing Performance Series. Two nights only. Friday night, September 30 and Saturday October 1, 8pm. Performed by Abby and Margit, with live audio mix and assembly by Adam Sonderberg. Tickets $10-$20 sliding scale (no one turned away) Seating is limited. Advance purchase of tickets is highly recommended.

Like blacksmiths, we reworked our material over and over, over the course of fourteen months, until it mysteriously forged into new forms. The Foxing Series has been a research into the aesthetic worlds of Duchamp’s final installation Given; its imagined converse, the work of Eva Hesse; and all that this conjured up. We created beautiful installations from newspaper, twine, and pink foxes both in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In the pieces we visited eras of feminist thought, from 70’s Berkeley separatism to 90’s grrl power, and in doing so, dealt aesthetically and content-wise with the vast landscaped difference from binarism and dialectics to a kind of foxing, or third-ing, and invited multiplicity and tricksterism as a way to subvert assumptions in worlds-of-thought as they are mirrored on stage. We embodied foxes, lay on rocks like animals in the sun, found pelvic power, danced with layers of music on top of one another, and wrestled insanely slowly.

Then with an understanding of the form this content wanted, we came to know it was time to release it, so from that intention comes the piece and its title. In Letting the Fox Go, the elements of the work at first allow the artists to experience the image space along with the audience, and then enter into what is understood together. With the awareness that releasing is a process and practice, we are committed to unwinding the elements that we have constructed, and then, even that we hope to let go.

We are excited about his final phase of this work together and are looking forward to the opportunity to experience with all of you there.