Come for the final installation of Margit Galanter+ Abby Crains’s Foxing Performance Series – Friday September 30 + Saturday October 1, 8pm * At Subterranean Arthouse, 2179 Bancroft, Berkeley, CA.

Performed by Abby and Margit, with live audio mix and assembly by Adam Sonderberg

Friday September 30 + Saturday October 1, 8pm * At Subterranean Arthouse, 2179 Bancroft, Berkeley, CA.

With support from artist residencies at the stupendous Subterranean Arthouse (Berkeley), the kind Kunst-Stoff (SF), & unParalleled Pieter Performance (LA).


Abby Crain enjoys art that is awkward, difficult, and transformative. She teaches frequently, and creates solo and collaborative performance experiments when the mood seizes her. Past credits include extensive dancing with Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People (NY), being a member of David Dorfman Dance (NY), and working with Bay Area luminaries Sarah Shelton Mann and Kneejerk Dance Project. She also can be found teaching pilates at

Margit Galanter is a movement investigator and dance poet living in Oakland. Her fascination with the construction and value of movement has drawn her to the many forms live action can take. Her unique practice, Physical Intelligence, helps people experience the innate clarity and vitality one can uncover through the potency of movement, through her expertise as a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, acupressurist, qigong practitioner, and movement artist. – Arts Site: ; Practice:

Adam Sonderberg is a composer working predominantly with concrète-based compositions utilizing the computer as a discreet processing and assembly tool. His selected discography includes over two-dozen releases, both solo and ensemble work, published by a number of different labels including: Entr’acte, Absurd, Cathnor, Crouton, and/OAR, Compost and Height, FSS, and Longbox Recordings. He is the author of the recently published American Hours with German Efficiency (Entr’acte) and maintains a blog by the same name.

Sonderberg is one third of Haptic, a texture-centric performing and recording entity formed in the spring of 2005. Their multidisciplinary work has been presented in venues ranging from basements to museums throughout the United States. The group’s latest recording is the forthcoming full-length Scilens (released simultaneously on CD by the UK-based label Entr’acte and on cassette by Chicago label FSS).

He was also co-director (2003-2008), with Salvatore Dellaria, of the Dropp Ensemble (pronounced ‘drope’), which consisted of an international grouping of musicians and technicians that worked together through mail-based data transfer and extensive post-production. Their latest (and final) recording is Safety, published in 2009 by either/OAR.

Past and present cooperations with Jon Mueller, Carol Genetti, Steven Hess, Boris Hauf, Brendan Walls, Asimina Chremos, Mark Solotroff, Eric la Casa, Sandra Gibson/Luis Recoder, Joseph Clayton Mills, Tomas Korber, Civil War, Katherine Young, Michael Graeve, Olivia Block, Michael Pisaro, and Tony Buck, amongst numerous others.

Since 2003 Sonderberg has collaborated with theatrical and movement artists and ensembles throughout Chicago by producing sound work for theatre, performance art, dance, and film.