Abby and Margit will be presenting a little material in the middle of NUT, developing for their final installation of foxing, Letting the Fox Go, to take place at Subterranean Arthouse Sept 30 + Oct 1. Come Join the BBQ fun!

MGM (Modern Garage Movement) Takes Their Latest Dance Creation, NUT, On Annual West Coast Tour

Saturday August 27  at Shadetree, 3pm start time, 6pm show time


48 5th Ave, Oakland, CA 94606

 w/  Freddi Price, solo, The Ad Hoc Brass Band 

& Little Middle by Margit Galanter and Abby Crain

NUT is structured like a nut: a fruit with a skin, meat, and a seed. NUT speaks to our relationship with dance, as practice and as a discipline. NUT is MGM’s first dance created during the winter months. It questions the aesthetics of produced dance, and how it is expected to affect an audience and a venue. NUT takes cues from diverse performance cultures and historical influences such as Motown, elements of the mid-90’s NYC dance improvisation scene and Tommy DeFrantz’s dance class for undergraduates at MIT.

MGM is Biba Bell, Jmy Leary and Piage Martin, with R McNeill.

August 23, 2011 – Sept 1, 2011 :: Los Angeles, Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Occidental, Portland