On 4/19/10 11:09 AM, “JS” wrote:

Hi Margit,
I have a question for you – about how you’re holding the Mon. nite workouts thing.  Is it like a place for each person to work on their own performance ideas (solos??) –  – or more like working as a group along ensemble ideas facilitated by you and Abby??

MG-    Our interest is in creating a space for performance as practice. How to develop tools from any influences and for evaluating/observing what takes place when we get up and make work. Content such as presence (seeing and being seen), sensation in design, things like this, drawing from the great teachers and our experience.

We are planning that in the first hour/part of class, we will introduce a way of working or a focus
That will leave an hour and a half for solo and ensemble improvisation practice, theory-building, and discussion of what went on.

We are interested in how an influence can shape how one works, and what this actually is uniquely for each person, how each person can identify, recognize and not attach to their unique voice, how to drop a need to present presentationally (professional voice), to try things on and take risks to serve the practice. This may be very different for each person what this is, not obvious extremism, but rather, expanding a personal language.

I think there will be room for solo practice within the frame at times, but this will not be an explicit intention of the class per se.

We are going to offer readings and hopefully have a lot of time for practice/praxis

Our idea is not for us to MAKE work that you leave with, but to be in a rigorous practice of improvisational practice. Does this help?

We are doing a second session starting the last week in May.

….It would be great to have your attuned and seasoned view there, and I trust your decisions!

Warmth, margit